Avioimage Mapping Services, Inc., formed in January 1998 is owned and operated by three North and South Carolina Professional Land Surveyors: Robert Akers, Francisco Mahecha, and Rudolf Gurlit. We have provided digital mapping and GIS services for a variety of engineering design projects.

We have held open-end contracts with the North Carolina Department of Transportation as well as the City of Charlotte Engineering Department. Mapping services have been provided for projects including highway corridor locations, wastewater networks, treatment plants, street and neighborhood improvements, land development, urban storm water projects, airports including 3DAAP mapping and clear zone approach surfaces. GIS databases have been created for local municipalities and real estate developers. Aerial imagery and mosaics produced for clients across the board, including for the annual North Carolina Statewide Orthoimagery Project.

Robert Akers, PLS
As project manager, Mr. Akers has the job to first be sure that all personnel working on your project knows how to compile the work in the form that is unique to your project. Mr. Akers has the task to coordinate all work in the Charlotte office and work provided by our survey consultant when needed. He will attend all scoping meetings and prepare cost estimates on the upcoming projects. Mr. Akers is the manager/administrator of Avioimage Mapping Services, Inc. as well as president of the company. His unique qualification is the knowledge of surveying and mapping, and how the two used cooperatively make a most complete final product.

Francisco Mahecha, PLS
Francisco Mahecha is an expert in photogrammetric compilation, hardware and software systems. He has the unique ability to understand and use the available hardware and software systems in the photogrammetric mapping industry. Mr. Mahecha has been involved in photogrammetric mapping since 1976 and his skills have evolved with the digital technology of today. As Vice President of Avioimage, Mr. Mahecha is responsible for systems software development.

Rudolf Gurlit, PLS
Rudolf Gurlit has the unique qualification of learning the client’s needs and mapping system and then training our compilers to provide complete and accurate data in the correct form for the clients use. This is a huge undertaking since our many and various clients have their own structure and feature symbology. Mr. Gurlit has the patience and perseverance to make this task look easy when we all know how demanding it can be.

Bryan Rowe, GIS Specialist
Bryan has the unique ability to bring all the different players in geodata together and translate from one style to another. Mr. Rowe’s experience in GIS, CAD, web mapping, orthomosaic production and data collection is invaluable to projects that require a variety of data sources and outputs.

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