Avioimage has provided digital mapping services for a variety of federal, state, and local government projects as well as a large number of private development projects. We have held open-end contracts with the North Carolina Department of Transportation as well as the City of Charlotte Engineering Department. We have provided mapping services for projects including highway route locations, water and wastewater corridors and plants, subdivision design, street and neighborhood improvements, urban storm water projects, airports including 3DAAP mapping and clear zone approach surfaces, volumetric surveys, digital orthophotography and color, infrared and black and white digital imagery for a variety of purposes.

Aerial Photography
The basis of our work is aerial imagery or whether acquired from fixed wing aircraft, helicopter or satellite imagery. The majority and most cost effective imagery comes through our association with Richard Crouse & Associates. They provide fixed wing and helicopter image acquisition with both analogue and digital camera systems. Most recently we have been using the Zeiss/Intergraph (Z/I) Digital Mapping Camera (DMC). This camera enables us to acquire color and false color infrared photography in one mission from the same data.

Fully Analytical Aerial Triangulation (FAAT)
The shift from conventional photogrammetry with stereoplotters and diapositives, to softcopy photogrammetry with computers and digital imagery has facilitated the acquisition of the Z/I Imagestation hardware and software by AMS. AMS operate 5 Imagestation Softcopy mapping systems equipped to measure and adjust aerial triangulation projects. We use Imagestation Digital Mensuration (ISDM) and Imagestation Automatic Triangulation (ISAT) software to provide the measurement and adjustment of the digital imagery for production. Much of the digital FAAT process is very similar to the conventional FAAT workflow. The softcopy triangulation eliminates the prepping and point marking (pugging) associated with conventional diapositive triangulation process, thus saving money on a project. Point selection is coupled with both automatic and manual matching modes and control measurement during the mensuration process. During mensuration, ISDM and ISAT use very robust methods for error checking. This provides faster progress toward the identification and elimination of errors. Final block adjustment and output for exterior orientations, with robust reporting options, makes the A/T process very efficient and accurate.

Softcopy Photogrammetry
Planimetric mapping is accomplished along with the DTM mapping. All of the planimetric features are compiled in 3D, meaning that they will have correct elevations. Features such as pavement edges and centerlines, ditches and creeks will be used as breaklines for the DTM. The remaining features that need to be collected for the scale of mapping will be collected in 3D and saved as 2D files. AMS uses Z/I’s Imagestation Stereo Display (ISSD) and Feature Collection (ISFC) as well as the NCDOT NCMAP menu for feature and DTM collection for all DOT projects. We have developed methods of data collection that allow for complete and accurate compilation. We use GEOPAK for contour generation and checking for duplicate points and breakline crossing.

We are pleased to now be offering a wide range of GIS services. We use the latest ESRI ArcGIS 10.3 software to produce the highest quality of maps and database solutions. Maps can be printed, in PDF form, and we now also have the ability to upload interactive maps to the web. GIS services can be in addition to, or as a stand alone product from our 3D mapping and imagery services. Anything we map in CAD can be converted, attributed, organized and delivered in shapefile or spatial database form, ready to do spatial analysis with. Through GIS we can perform a wide variety of operations to deliver the client exactly their specific needs.

AMS continues with Z/I’s Imagestation software’s Orthopro to provide digital orthophotos in a variety of compressed or uncompressed formats (GeoTIFF, MrSID, ECW, JPEG 2000, etc). With Adobe Photoshop Elements we can also offer editing services on existing aerial imagery.

Project Management
We have the ability to coordinate large projects for clients that includes several other disciplines. The project team’s technical personnel and equipment are substantial enough to allow for multiple project demands, making scheduling very flexible. Careful planning, coordinating and directing are key to executing a large project successfully. AMS uses workflow charting, project indexing, daily communications with key technicians, weekly project meetings and special meetings when special problem solving is required.

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