Avioimage Mapping Services, Inc.

Avioimage Mapping Services, Inc.

Avioimage Mapping Services, Inc.Avioimage Mapping Services, Inc.Avioimage Mapping Services, Inc.



Topographic and Planimetric Mapping

The process of creating a map using Photogrammetry:

  • aerial survey project consulting & planning, including control layout
  • order data acquisition flight & ground control survey (if necessary)
  • project set-up
  • analytical triangulation - a technical process of tying images together
  • adding control to triangulation - "pins" images to known ground points
  • digitization/compilation - drawing ground features & elevation characteristics within 3D Computer Aided Design environment
  • editing/formatting final files


Aerial Imagery/Orthophoto Production

The process of creating a quality orthomosaic (whether a digital file, webmap or printed on a large-scale plotter):

  • image draping - warping imagery over the ground's surface using processed aerial photos and a DTM (Digital Terrain Model)
  • creating seamlines - strategic placement of seamlines (which will splice and merge images together)
  • dodging & tone balancing - for a more visually appealing final look
  • final editing, formatting, and compressing (if needed)


GIS & Geoinformatics

The possibilities when converting data (CAD or otherwise) into a GIS:

  • spatial analysis - looking at data from a spatial perspective, gaining new insight and empowering informed business decisions
  • easily customizable/presentation ready map - adjust what you want to show... your project at your fingertips, in hard copy or digital form
  • data available on the fly - can be hosted privately online (for mobile, tablet or desktop), or in a local network